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Bathtub book holder

Do you like to read while submersed in hot water? You probably just don’t own valuable books. It’s probably trashy novels that you prefer. In that case, here is something you will appreciate: a bathtub book holder. It expands up to 38 inches (still might not be enough for a whirlpool jacuzzi).


Faux books, set of four

Faux books look as nice as any old leather bound books, but they have one obvious advantage. You can hide stuff in them! My iPhone charging cable always ends up on some bookshelf. This would be a great semi-perminent home for it and for similar devices.

This particular set includes King Henry, Moby Dick and Hemingway’s prose. Many other styles (and titles) are available.


iPad BookBook case

If you value the look of old leather books, but feel the necessity to keep up with modern times a BookBook vintage case for iPad is a must. The case comes in two distinct styles, all pictured below: Classic Black, Vibrant Red and Vintage Brown. It fits iPad 2 and the New Ipad. Other features include:

– Genuine leather, protective case and display stand
– Unique design disguises iPad as a vintage book
– Converts to adjustable FaceTime and movie watching stand
– Built-In keyboard stand for comfortable on-screen typing

The manufacturer makes a good point about this case creating an extra level of protection for your iPad. In theory, it can be hidden safely among your books, away from prying eyes. It is, however, easy to imagine a situation when the iPad’s owner is frantically looking through hundreds of books, trying to find the one which contains the familiar apple-bearing device.


Thinker bookends

This iconic thinker is a solid choice for a true “thinker”‘s home library, and would perhaps look ironic in the home of someone who is intellectually inclined. Also, remember that this is actual art, a replica of Rodin’s famous sculpture. The image is somewhat overused, of course. Also, keep in mind that this particular thinker is not very heavy. It may work best as decoration.


The Library: An Illustrated History

Just discovered this book on Amazon: The Library: An Illustrated History.

“The Library tells the story of libraries and of the changing form and function of the book from era to era, whether clay tablets, parchment sheets, papyrus scrolls, glossy paper, recording tape or silicone chips. At the heart of the story of libraries and books is the story of the reader, who also has changed from era to era. Profusely illustrated, with fascinating is a comprehensive look at libraries that will interest book lovers and librarians.”

The book is indeed very richly illustrated. The sections on ancient libraries is especially interesting. There is not a lot written on the subject, as far as I know.