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Collectible pens

crosspen_ Library ownership has been always inseparable from writing, whether this activity was limited to personal notes and correspondences or rose to the heights of literary accomplishments that were destined to outlive their authors. Pens and quills always went alongside with books. In our digital age, unfortunately, superb writing instruments became almost obsolete. They can, however, be successfully used as decorative accessories in a personal library or study. These slick metal objects look great on any desk, especially in a pen holder or a special pen display box. Vintage pens can be rather expensive, but they can be seen as great collector items. Many modern manufacturers of quality pens continue the tradition of excellency: Cross, Parker, Cartier. In view of the eventual demise of handwriting (sorry to break the news!) you will soon be able to buy the very last of mass produced pens — historic artifacts that will be treasured for generations to come.

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