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Book accessories

Bathtub caddy with a book stand




Not all book accessories are meant for use in traditional book-friendly environments. This ingenious, although potentially dangerous contraption allows one to read in a bathtub, only occasionally touching the book to turn pages. You can probably even place some snacks and a glass of wine on the same caddy. I know people who would love this book stand, despite all.

Globes as book accessories


authenticmodelsglobeGeographical globes should and can be considered a sort of book accessory! Envision a distinguished gentleman who is reading in his study. Every once in a while he looks at a large globe, just to get a better idea of distances between remote parts of the British Empire, described in the book. And so on. These days, the gentleman would probably use Google Earth. But you still cannot beat the look of an old globe. It creates a visual departure from the rectangles dominating your home library or office. Another good thing is that because we no longer rely on globes as sources of geographical knowledge antique globes and their replicas can give any book-filled space that desired old-timey look! Probably the most renowned company that makes such replicas is Authentic Models.

If your desk space is crowded, try a standalone globe. There are even bookends that feature small globes.



Bronzed_Candlestick_lampModern book lights are highly evolved and specialized, despite the fact that numerous sources of light are available in any contemporary home. As one would expect, prior to the era of electricity, sources of light were adapted to specific uses. It means that among book accessories that are not necessarily useful, but nevertheless of great decorative value are candlesticks for reading. You can also use the traditional candle holder designs in modern light fixtures. So, what specifically makes a candlestick suitable for reading? Two things are most important in my opinion:

    • Such candlesticks must provide plenty of light — you will need at least two or three candles. If you are all about authenticity don’t buy scented candles.
    • Candlesticks for reading beginning in late 18th century often had a very useful feature. They were equipped with shades to shield the eyes during reading. If you ever had to read with a single unshaded lamp bulb you should appreciate this innovation! Such shades must be made out of inflammable materials, e.g. bronze. Metallic surfaces also help direct the light onto the surface of the page, greatly improving the brightness — this way two modest candles can provide plenty of light for reading. Keep in mind that such candle holders are rare these days, because most candlesticks today are purely decorative. I would imagine that antique candle holders that were designed primarily for readers are an excellent collector’s item. They would look great an a traditional home library or home office.


BookGem book holder


It is not often that one sees book accessories advertised through YouTube. This little book holder is alright, I suppose. It is easy to notice some hesitation with which the inventor of the device talks about page turning. This is by far the weakest spot in any book holder. BookGem works great with Kindle and other book readers, but I feel like with those there is less pressure to use a book holder – they are much simpler to use, do the form factor.

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Bookmark holder


Even if you end up using one bookmark per book and leave in the book pretty much forever, a bookmark holder is a necessary, albeit somewhat overlooked accessory. This way you will always know where to look when you are beginning to read a new book.

Bookmark holders are typically made out of plastic, cardboard, leather or cloth. It is extremely easy to design one or even customized it. A great crafts project, too!