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Book holder

Bathtub book holder


Do you like to read while submersed in hot water? You probably just don’t own valuable books. It’s probably trashy novels that you prefer. In that case, here is something you will appreciate: a bathtub book holder. It expands up to 38 inches (still might not be enough for a whirlpool jacuzzi).

Bathtub caddy with a book stand




Not all book accessories are meant for use in traditional book-friendly environments. This ingenious, although potentially dangerous contraption allows one to read in a bathtub, only occasionally touching the book to turn pages. You can probably even place some snacks and a glass of wine on the same caddy. I know people who would love this book stand, despite all.

BookGem book holder


It is not often that one sees book accessories advertised through YouTube. This little book holder is alright, I suppose. It is easy to notice some hesitation with which the inventor of the device talks about page turning. This is by far the weakest spot in any book holder. BookGem works great with Kindle and other book readers, but I feel like with those there is less pressure to use a book holder – they are much simpler to use, do the form factor.

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