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Thinker bookends


This iconic thinker is a solid choice for a true “thinker”‘s home library, and would perhaps look ironic in the home of someone who is intellectually inclined. Also, remember that this is actual art, a replica of Rodin’s famous sculpture. The image is somewhat overused, of course. Also, keep in mind that this particular thinker is not very heavy. It may work best as decoration.

Waterford Bookends



Initially I was hoping to find a set of Wedgwood bookends. So far, the best I could do is two excellent sets of Waterford bookmarks – Waterford, of course, is the parent company of Wedgwood, if you did not know. Both sets are subject to very limited availability, so I cannot immediately tell you where to purchase them. I would like to note that these bookends can also serve as excellent paperweights, do to their book-like shapes.


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Globes as book accessories


authenticmodelsglobeGeographical globes should and can be considered a sort of book accessory! Envision a distinguished gentleman who is reading in his study. Every once in a while he looks at a large globe, just to get a better idea of distances between remote parts of the British Empire, described in the book. And so on. These days, the gentleman would probably use Google Earth. But you still cannot beat the look of an old globe. It creates a visual departure from the rectangles dominating your home library or office. Another good thing is that because we no longer rely on globes as sources of geographical knowledge antique globes and their replicas can give any book-filled space that desired old-timey look! Probably the most renowned company that makes such replicas is Authentic Models.

If your desk space is crowded, try a standalone globe. There are even bookends that feature small globes.


Make your own bookend


Popular Mechanics through the years has published many articles on crafting bookshelves and other book related items. Some of those issues can be accessed on Google Books for free, in their entirety. This particular article demonstrates how you can make bookends out of scrap wood. The idea can be easily expanded, because large pieces of just about any solid material can be fashioned into bookends.

Make your own bookend from scraps